Our Core Values


  • We look for ways to help each other and all chip in where needed. 
  • We’re relaxed, but treat others with respect. 



  • We seek out solutions in response to issues. 
  • We find opportunities in what isn’t broken to enhance its value. 


  • We communicate with respect both internally and externally. 
  • We take responsibility for our actions. 



  • We consider our safety and the safety of others in the actions we take. 
  • We learn from mistakes instead of hiding them.

Our Purpose

Peace of Mind

We strive to cultivate peace of mind for those we serve and those that serve us. Doing so by a combination of humble but confident interactions and developing confidence in each others’ abilities through results.


We strive to eliminate unnecessary complexity in our processes by supporting and encouraging continuous improvement initiatives.

Our Approach – The Four Principles of Conscious Capitalism

Higher Purpose and Values

Why we exist beyond making a profit

Stakeholder Integration

Interdependence of employees, customers, vendors, etc. 

Conscious Leadership

Collaborative, servant leadership

Conscious Culture

Unifying and energizing force