Leading Logistics and Warehousing Services in Georgia

Bulk and Van Loading/Unloading

  • Transfers from Packaged Goods to Bulk Truck
  • Shipping Container Receiving and Loading Capability
Railcar Loading/Unloading

  • Serviced by Norfolk Southern
  • Bulk Truck Accessibility
  • Packing Line Accessibility
Packaging (Gaylords/Sacks)

  • Packing to Gaylords and Sacks (FIBC)
  • Repackaging Goods
Indoor/Outdoor CCTV Coverage

  • Enhanced Facility Security
  • Shipping and Receiving Dock Coverage
  • Rail Line Coverage
Warehouse Storage

At 160,000 square feet, our warehouse in Duluth is our second largest location. This size, combined with access to all-in-one bulk and packing accessible rail yard makes it an ideal spot.

Railcar Spotting

At a total of 35 rail spots, combined with the mid range size of our warehouse,. makes this the perfect all-around location.

Our Coverage Map

Our Coverage Map

* Small circle = 100 mi.   Large circle = 200 mi.
Where Are We Located?

Sharing residence in the city of Duluth, this is our closest location to our corporate headquarters.