Bulk & Packaging Transloading Services – Get Products in the Right Format

A Variety of Packaging Options

All transferrable by flatbed truck and ready for a variety of different applications – packaged goods provide invaluable versatility in getting your product where it is needed. At Pax, we are prepared to package your material in major formats like gaylord boxes and super sacks (also known as bulk bags). We provide various services to transfer between these and other formats. Call us for more information!

Bulk Truck Transfers and Deliveries

When transferring in high volumes and between silos, bulk trucks are often the ideal if not necessary format. We can handle transfers to and from various packaged formats, as well as from railcars. In addition to transfers, take advantage of Pax’s bulk network and allow us to cover the logistics of loading, booking, and delivering your product. 

Loading and Unloading Railcars

For the highest volume projects, we are able to receive railcars both for transfer to and from the vessels. We handle bulk truck transfers out of all three of our cities from rail yards, and can handle other transfers on a location by location basis. Call for more information!

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