Fast and Effective Transloading Services for Resin Distributors

Strategic Locations

With three locations spread across the southeast US, we provide the flexibility to store your product as close to your customers as possible with the simplicity of one point of contact.  Please see our location page for more details. 

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Product Format Flexibility

Have a railcar of product that a customer needs in boxes? Boxes that should be sacks? Or sacks that need to go in a bulk truck? Pax has the experience and ability to perform a variety of transloading services.

Fast and Effective Processing

Need to get product to a customer quickly? For LTL and truck load orders, we handle same-day shipments and receipts, keeping you running on time.  We have generous same-day order policies and with a flatter organizational structure, our managers have the freedom to make exceptions without going through multiple channels of authority. Please call for more details. 

Multi-Modal Delivery Network

We know the importance of flexibility and reliability in delivering product to your customers. Whether your customer needs product delivered via LTL, truck load, bulk truck, or rail car, we have the carrier network to safely and effectively transport your product.  Unlike other freight brokers, being the physical shipper or receiver provides for a relationship with our carriers and their drivers that runs deeper than a faceless transaction.  In addition, we exercise more control over the variables involved in delivering from point A to B, freeing you to focus on your business.

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